Wooded Landscape - Antique Oil Painting

Framed oil on canvas showing a view of a river with a village beyond. The painting is mounted in a stunning frame and slip and is signed by the artist Modeste Jean l'Homme and has the name of the painting, artists name and dated 1919 on the rear.

Modeste Jean LHOMME was born in 1883. He was an Ardennes landscape painter. Student at the Academy of fine arts in Cork, there to professors A. Witte, E. Carpentier and A. Donnay. He exhibited in Paris and in several cities in Belgium - including Liège, Brussels, Namur and Verviers. His first single exhibition was in Liège in 1916. His generous colour and sometimes raw gave him a great reputation.

Dimensions - 95 cm x 80 cm x 7 cm

Ref: 001000       Price: £750.00

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Wooded Landscape - Antique Oil Painting

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