Lady by a Lake - Antique Oil Painting

Oil on panel showing a view of a lake with a lady sitting by the waters edge by the Belgium artist Leon Houyoux. The painting is signed by the artist and mounted in a lovely moulded painted frame and slip

Léon Houyoux, 1856 - 1940, was a realistic-luminist painter of people, interiors, landscapes and forest views. He was educated at the Academie van Brussel (J. Portaels). Completed his education in Paris, in Munich, Dresden and Berlin. Made his debut in 1881 on the three-yearly Salon of Brussels. Particularly known for his works of nudes in a landscape. Member of L' Essor. he has works in the museums of Brussels and Buenos Aires. At the age of 19, Houyoux took classes at the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts and then traveled regularly abroad, where he observed the different trends in the art of painting. He preferred to give all his care to the development of his own style.

In 1922, the Belgian Post issued the series of Houyoux stamps with the effigy of King Albert I , designed by Léon Houyoux.

He had been established since 1908 at the Rouge-Cloître he is buried in Auderghem where a street was dedicated to him in 1942.

Dimensions - 87 cm x 71 cm x 5 cm

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Lady by a Lake - Antique Oil Painting

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