Old Farm with Hay Ricks

This super oil on canvas, in its original wooden frame, is painted by Marie Meuret-Philippot (1887-1939) and shows a landscape of an old farm with its hay ricks and the church in the background.
Marie Meuret-Philippot was a well known painter and designer, painting mainly landscapes, forest views and views of farms and landscapes. She painted in a relaxed impressionist style with large generous strokes. She exhibited regularly in Belgium, Lille, Charleroi, London and Cologne and in 1927 and 1934 at the Salon de l'Union des Femmes Peintres and Sculptures in Paris. This particular painting was possibly represented in the Annuaire des Beaux Arts III (1932-1933).
She received high praise from the President of the French Republic, Gaston Doumergue.
Sadly there was a fire in her studio that destroyed more than sixty works and she died two weeks later at nearly 52.
Dimensions: 44 x 55 cms (including frame)

Ref: 00292

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