River Landscape - Pont Des Jambes

Superb oil on canvas - Belgium School - showing a fisherman in front of the famous bridge - Pont des Jambes - over the river Meuse at Namur by Albert Dandoy (Namur 1885 - 1977). The painting is in excellent condition and is mounted is a high quality frame and slip. The painting is signed and dated 1953.

Albert Dandoy was the son of Agustus Dandoy, a landscape artist and professor of the Academy of Beaux Arts of Namur. Albert Dandoy studied at the Academy and learnt the techniques of decorative painting of marble and wood and then began his pictoral work. In 1918 he was appointed professor at the Academy of Namur until 1955. He exhibited only in Namur and painted the surrounding countryside and views of the City of Namur, including many along the banks of the Meuse. He paints with a small series of strokes with a light palette. In the years of 1938 - 1941 he carried out a series of paintings of Namur.

The Pont des Jambs or the Bridge of Legs is a famous bridge that spans the Meuse, joining the right bank with the ancient citadel of Namur. It dates from the Roman period and was blown up in both the First and Second World War to slow down the rapid advancing German troops.

The bridge was again rebuilt between 1961 - 1963 where the central arch was made larger and higher changing the shape of the bridge into a curve. This painting pre-dates this work and shows the bridge when it was still straight.

Dimensions: 68 x 57 cm

Ref: 00685

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