River Torrent

Superb oil on canvas signed by artist Georges Moullade, showing the torrent of the 'Gorges de Loire' The painting is beautifully executed and totally captures the atmosphere.

Georges Moullade was a French post-impressionist artist born in Roanne in 1893 and died in St Etienne in 1968. He is reknown for his landscapes and townscapes and painted many scenes of the region around St Etienne, where he lived.

Diploma of the School of Beaux Arts, Paris
Professor of Design at St Etienne 1921 -1946
Received a Gold Medal at L'Exposition International des Arts et des Techniques de Paris 1937.

Georges Moullade is listed in Benezit, etc.
Dimensions: 33 x 38 cm (canvas) 45.5 x 40 (with frame)

Ref: 00237

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