Still Life with Mallard and Flowers - Antique Oil Painting

Signed oil on canvas showing a still life of a Mallard on a table in front of a vase.  The painting is signed by the artist Jean Laudy and is mounted in a superb wooden moulded frame and mount.

Jean Laudy was a Dutch/Belgium painter born on May 4, 1877 in the Netherlands. He was a painter of portraits, interiors and notably of flowers and still life paintings. He was of Dutch origin but moved to Belgium in 1893 and obtained Belgian citizenship in 1921. He was married to Helene Demoulin who was a remarkable painter and watercolorist.

Laudy was a student at the Antwerp and Brussels Academies of Fine Arts and studied with the master teacher and artist, I. Verheyden from 1894 to 1895.  Jean Laudy worked quite successfully during his lifetime and was a member of the studio, "La Patte de Dindon" and of the studio, "L'Effort."  He was also a full member of the prestigious and important Royal Academy of Belgium.
Jean Laudy died on February 6, 1956 in Woluwe-St-Lambert (Brussels).

Today, his works can be found in private and public collections including museums in Brussels, Ixelles, Mons, Saint-Josse-ten Noode and Saint-Nicholas. He achieved good results at auction.

Height: 97 cm
Width: 114 cm
Depth: 10 cm

Ref: 001282

Price: £1,500.00