Valley Landscape - Antique Oil Painting

Oil on canvas mounted in an attractive moulded frame and slip showing a luminous view of a valley with river/lake to the fore.  The canvas is in the style of Albert Saverys ( Deinze , 12 May 1886 - Petegem-an-de-Leie , 29 April 1964 ) - a Flemish painter and decorator.

Albert Saverys was counted as part of the third group of the Latemsche School.  He  debuted in the tradition of Luminism but also had a short expressionist period. His work is based on the fauvism of the French painter Maurice de Vlaminck - characterized by the smooth manner of painting and some colour.

Saverys reached the top nationally and internationally in the thirties, with exhibitions in the Paleis voor Schone Kunstn in Brussels.

Declared date of manufacture : 1940

Height: 63 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 6 cm

Ref: 001156

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