View of a Lake II - Antique Oil Painting

Large oil on canvas showing a view of a lake which is signed by the artist Deseri Haine (1900 - 1990).  The painting is mounted in a quality gilt frame and is enscribed on the rear dated 1959.

Haine was a painter, graphic designer, watercolorist and designer (charcoal). He trained in architecture, drawing and painting and  then studied as a surveyor at the Academies of Ixelles (1916 - 1917) and Brussels (1920 - 1921). At 50, he still took lessons at the Académie d'Ixelles. He is knows for his portraits, figures, compositions, landscapes, still lifes, flowers and interiors.  He painted with a geometric style with a colourfol and generous palette. His works are characterized by their serenity, their poetry and their symbolism. He Lived and worked in the Netherlands, Germany and France, but established in Auderghem in 1947. Founder of the Rouge-Cloître Landscape School, co-founder of the "Artis Bruxellae" Group. Also collaborated with Alfred Bastien in the restoration of the "Panorama de l'Yser".  Haine Works at the Museum of Ixelles and the Museum of Walloon Art in Liège.

Declared date of manufacture : 1950

Height: 102 cm
Width: 113 cm
Depth: 6 cm

Ref: 001199

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