View of a Port

Signed oil on canvas - Amedee Degreef (1878 - 1968). The painting is mounted in a quality moulded frame and black slip.  It is also signed on the rear with the artists signature and what looks like the name of the port - Ostend.  It is dated on the front 1927.

Amedee Degreef was born in Auderghem in 1878 and was the son of the celebrated painter Jean-Baptiste Degreef. Degreef initially wanted to pursue a musical profession but on the advice of his father, who had recognised his artistic talents, attended the Academy of Brussels. Upon graduating he joined the artistic group, `Le Sillon' and settled in the outskirts of Brussels. He was a  painter of diverse subjects, including landscapes, still life, marines and portraits.

Dimensions - 88 cm x 67 cm

Ref: 001294

Price: £625.00