View of Chassepierre - Antique Oil Painting

Oil on panel showing a view of Chassepierre on the river Semois. The painting is signed by the artist Albert Mascaux (1900 - 1963) and is mounted in a superb quality moulded frame. It dates from around 1930.

Albert Mascaux was a Belgium artist who from a very early age received advice from Louis Clesse. He mainly painted views of the North Sea, the Black Country and especially the Ardennes landscape. He had a realistic style with an impressionist touch and a controlled palette, which was often had luxuriant tones mixed with discrete gray ones. He has works in the Museums of Tournai, Charleroi, Mons and La Louvière.

Chassepierre is in the province of Luxenbourg and is one of the prettiest villages in Wallonie. It is still a popular destination for artists who come to paint the stunning 18th and 19th century houses, the church and the river views.

Dimensions - 77 x 67 cms

Ref: 00879

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