Woodland Lake - Impressionist Oil Painting

Oil on canvas by the impressionist artist Henry Deglume (1865-1940) showing a view of a lake in the woods and two swans. The painting is mounted in a quality painted wooden frame and is in excellent condition. The painting dates from the late 19th century/early 20th century.

Henri Deglume dedicated his life to painting focusing on the countryside and views where he lived. Throughout his life he always kept himself away from social events and art faisr and was known as "le solitaire de Gerpinnes". He was deeply attached to Gerpinnes - the village where he lived and painted. He is today considered one of the masters of Belgian Impressionism.

Deglume was not a wealthy man, was little recognised by his contemporaries and led a modest life painting. He did however maintain contact with other artists and the writers Camille Lemonier, Maurice des Ombiaux, and the painter and sculptor Constantin Meunier. Pierre Paulus, one of his students, paid a fine tribute to this master in which he saw "a very great artist " , saying: "My father had taught me to draw, Deglume taught me to paint."

Dimansions - 74 cm x 103 cm

Ref: 00860

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