Find a collection of Antique French Commodes.

The word 'Commode' has been used in changing context over time. During the first part of the 18th century, this term was used for a chest of drawers, later on, it came to mean a type of cabinet that was used to hold chamber pots. It further evolved to refer to a wooden chair that came with a chamber pot attached to it. 


A commode referring to a cabinet or a chest of drawers was a common feature in the classic homes used for storing personal items. The word commode was derived from the French word for 'convenient'. 


Antique commodes have always been quite decorative and functional. This particular piece of furniture is typically a chest of drawers that is short and wide. Antique commodes could have a curved or convex front or a straight one. Some examples, like Dutch Bombe Commodes, have a curved front with corners that sweep down and out from the top as well. 


The elaborate decorations and short cabriole legs of these pieces of furniture give them an elegantly decorative appeal. The decorative details have been altered over the years to suit the changing requirements. You will also find commodes with a marble top. These look extremely beautiful and are functional, sturdy and provide you with convenient storage.


An antique commode makes the perfect inclusion in any room be it the dining, kitchen, bedroom, hallway or foyer. It quite effortlessly adds to the décor a sense of refinement and offers a splendid surface for functional or decorative use. Antique versions can add opulence unlike any other decorative accessory to a room. 


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